Dealer Performance Report & Malicious Email Warning

Dealer Performance Report The Dealer Performance Report that we introduced during the April webinars is now available via our Dealer Intranet through Dealer Connect. This report will provide you with key metrics including: YOY Warranty/Retail Registrations, Market Share, Lead Response Times and Conversion Rates, and CSI Scores and Response Rates.   To access the Dealer Performance Report:

  • Log into Dealer Connect
  • Select CSI
  • Select Reports
  • Select Dealer Performance Report
  • From the pulldown menu at the top, select the timeframe you wish to view

There is a help link at the top-left of the Dealer Performance Report page if you have any questions about the metrics or calculations. Please let your Nautique Sales Representative know if you have any questions. We encourage your feedback regarding this report, including suggestions for additional metrics you would like to see in the future.

WARNING: Malicious Emails It has come to our attention that several dealers have received fake emails that look as though they were sent from Nautique or Correct Craft. These types of emails can be very dangerous as they are designed to fool users into giving away personal information which can then be used to compromise your network account, perpetrate identity theft, or compromise your financial accounts. To protect our dealers, Nautique’s IT team compiled the following information that includes the different types of threats as well as some simple ways of identifying fake emails.   Types of Malicious Emails

  • Scams: Intentional deceptions made for gain, or to cause damage through email.
  • Spam: Also known as junk email, designed to trick you into thinking their message is worth reading.
  • Hoax: Warnings about a non-existent threat, or an offer that sounds good to be true.
  • Phishing: Pronounced ‘fishing’. Phishing emails try to entice you into disclosing personal information, such as your username, password, or bank account details.
  • Spoofing: When the sender address of an email has been altered to hide its true origin, used by virus and spam authors to make their emails look legitimate and lure people into clicking on links or downloading attachments. For example: The email looks as it is from Nautique but hovering over it reveals a different address such as or All legitimate emails from Nautique or Correct Craft will end in or

If you receive an unexpected email from someone here at Nautique or receive an email with a link to Nautique, Correct Craft, or any other company, please verify the email was sent intentionally from that person. You can do this by sending a quick separate email, not a reply, asking if they did in fact intend to send that email or just pick up the phone and give them a call.